We’re alive. We’re aliiiiive.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

hey there Community of Communities.

It has been a while of things being static, but there has been some exciting stuff happening behind the scenes and we have been trying to figure out how best to improve this site and make it more of a regularly beneficial resource to everyone involved, both in those who are part of communities and those seeking to join or visit them. So step one of that is getting some news out on to the news board and I have a great story to share today which I will do in the next post which will hopefully encourage you all.

What I would really love to hear feedback on though with Christmas just around the story is if any of you have any inspirational ideas of how to celebrate Christmas as a community – either from stuff you have done or else things you are plotting for this year. Any ordinary radical ideas floating around out there that might be both encouraging and inspirational.

Send them to me and we will try and post some so that more people can be encouraged and inspired. Email ideas to brett@thesimpleway.org and keep a look out for them to be mentioned here.

Strength in Him

love brett “Fish” at the Simple Way.