Hello, From Your New Tour Guide

Hello Community Folks!  The Community of Communities website has been up and running for a few months now and it’s time that we start breaking it in and really making it feel like home.  I’m going to help keep our little internet outpost running smoothly and I’d like to decorate with the stories, pictures, and advice from your communities around the world.

I’ll post here regularly to welcome new communities to the Community of Communities, to pass along updates on the adventures you all are undertaking, and to share resources we come across that may help in our journeys in community.

If you are having any trouble with the website, you can send us a message and I’ll help you out ASAP.  Also, if you have any exciting news to share with us, you can use that comment form as well.  If you need to send attachments or long emails, just make a note of that in your comment and I’ll get back to you with an email address (if we post it here, those nasty internet robots will never stop sending me spam!).

So I leave you for now, looking forward to sharing this corner of the interwebs with y’all!

Brian Murphy