About Us

This website is designed to give exposure to the growing number of intentional Christian communities scattered across the land.  We are not spreading a brand or franchise, or even a particular model of community.  But here are many of the places where we see hope in the abandoned places of the empire in which we live —communities large and small, rural and urban, of all streams of Christian faith.   And while we are not all identical, there is a common DNA with many shared beliefs and practices.

A little disclaimer, it’s a tricky venture to try and create a directory of communities, as we have to balance being too narrow or too broad, careful not to gate people out but also mindful to assure that the communities listed here reflect a similar character and spirit that we see in Christ (and try to assure that polygamy and blood sacrifice are not marks of the common life).  The goal here is to give exposure to the beautifully diverse expressions of Christian community out there and make community as accessible as possible, allowing people to connect locally, learn from each other, and give birth do new communities that are healthy and rooted.

We try to keep things organic and relational, so one of our criteria for listing folks here is that they have some relational connection to the other communities. So this is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start, communities that are  fresh expressions of our faith.

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